About Us

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We are a diverse group of women that all have at least one thing in common -- we love to ride! Women in the Wind is a national organization for women who ride (and love) motorcycles. We have nurses, bankers, homemakers, grandmothers, computer geeks, business owners, and women from all walks of life. We ride everything from Harleys to Hondas.

Our Purpose

We strive to: unite women motorcyclists with friends of common interests, promote a positive image to the public of women on motorcycles, and help educate our members on motorcycle safety and maintenance.


WITW was founded by Becky Brown in Toledo, Ohio in 1979. The organization has grown to over 1700 members in more than 90 chapters, including chapters in Canada, Great Britain and Australia. Last year, Becky was the seventh woman inducted into the Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame for her role in founding WITW and promoting a positive image of women in motorcycling. Click HERE to visit Becky Brown's home page. Click HERE to visit our National Chapter's home page.